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Formulation: Levofloxacin 500 MG Oral Tablet
Rating: Regrettable
Continuing Use: No
Duration: 1 Weeks
Gender: Male
Age: 57
Weight: 149 lb / 68 kg
Bill McCormick - 05-13-2010

I was prescribed Levaquin after a kidney stone/UT caused Large blisters/sores/rash on ALL the tender areas of my body!Also had a tendon in the back of my leg to tear! After trying to take this med several times,always with the same result,I was put on Cipro which had the same effects!I am NOW allergic to Almost ALL antibiotics!!any type of antibiotic causes me to suffer SEVERE skin SORES-Blisters-rash and the last time I took a Sulpher type med,I almost died!I know in my heart that the Levaquin/Cipro type drugs have done this to me!when I get an infection,there is NO help for me?? HAS anyone else had this problem with this types of Medications?

Formulation: -
Rating: Life Changing
Continuing Use: No
Duration: 4 Months
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Weight: 163 lb / 74 kg
Moyboy999 - 06-29-2009

As a patient with Ulcerative Colitis, I am susceptible to many GI-tract infections. I have gotten severe E-Coli food poisoning on several occasions that resulted in hospitalizations in which I was treated with IV Levaquin and then eventually took the drug orally.

Each time I've contracted e-coli food poisoning Levaquin has done the job with few or no noticeable side effects.

Formulation: Levofloxacin 500 MG Oral Tablet
Rating: Regrettable
Continuing Use: No
Duration: 1 Days
Gender: Female
Age: 39
Weight: 198 lb / 90 kg
Karen - 06-12-2009

I went to my general practitioner with a urinary tract infection. After performing a urine test and confirming my medical problem, my doctor prescribed Levaquin, a 500 mg oral tablet to be used for five days. It was prescribed because it is a fast-acting antibiotic.

After arriving home, I took one of the tablets. Within 15 minutes i began to notice a tightening in my throat. Within 20 minutes, my heart was racing and I was gasping for breath as my allergic reaction set-in. Upon notifying my doctor of my problem, he instructed me to take two Benadryl. My allergic reaction really scared me.

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