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Formulation: Diazepam 5 MG Oral Tablet
Rating: Good
Continuing Use: No
Duration: 8 Days
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Weight: 156 lb / 71 kg
Lisa VanHagen - 07-05-2009

I went into the emergency room in the middle of the night for muscle spasms in my back. They were so bad I couldn't sleep. I had tried Advil, a massage cushion and a heating pad to no avail.

I was very surprised when the Doctor said that Valium was the best thing for muscle spasms. It worked wonderfully. I only took half a pill and was able to sleep. It took the spasms away. I kept the rest of the pills in case the spasms came back again. They have come back a few times, but I would just take half a pill and they would be gone again.

Formulation: -
Rating: Life Changing
Continuing Use: Yes
Duration: 9 Years
Gender: Female
Age: 51
Weight: 138 lb / 63 kg
Cat Lady - 07-03-2009

I don't know if there are other devoted pet owners out there, but valium has worked wonders for at least 2 of my cats. One cat was a stray who was (and still is) nearly feral; she was so anxious that she was afraid to eat, afraid to use the litter box, and afraid to be picked up. She spent the entire first year of her life living under a chair, until I tried Valium. She is now a happy housecat, still very high strung but 11 years old and well loved.

Another cat (3 years old) has difficulties with skeletal-muscle rigidity, to the extent that he often can't urinate regularly. A relatively small daily dose of Valium has solved a problem with which we have struggled for his entire life.

Neither animal has experienced any problematic side effects, even after long-term use. However, I understand that some cats (1 in 10,000, I believe) can have an immediate, but very rare, liver reaction which is fatal.

The only other down-side is filling the prescription, since it is a controlled substance. It can't be refilled even one day early, and refills are limited, so the veterinarian has had to keep writing the same prescription every 6 months for the past decade. Oh well.

Formulation: Diazepam 2 MG Oral Tablet
Rating: Statisfactory
Continuing Use: No
Duration: 2 Months
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Weight: 121 lb / 55 kg
minty - 07-03-2009

My doctor prescribed me this as I had severe depression and anxiety. I had sleepless nights and hectic mornings. But this tablet gave me much relaxation at night as I used to sleep sound and my mornings were much better then. On the other hand I went dependent on this for my sleep.

Formulation: Diazepam 2 MG Oral Tablet
Rating: Regrettable
Continuing Use: No
Duration: 2 Months
Gender: Female
Age: 88
Weight: 141 lb / 64 kg
VeggieGirl - 07-01-2009

This was probably the worst medication that my 88 year old mother was ever prescribed. She was given this after her cancer diagnosis to help with anxiety issues, but it turned her into a virtual zombie. She would sit and stare, not communicate and go through strange motions and have weird conversations. This happened after about three or four weeks. I became real concerned about it when she just stopped communicating. Her doctor told us to wean her off the medication, which we did, and she was "back to normal" within about a week. This is a terrible medication from my perspective, and you have to be extremely careful when administering it, especially to the elderly.

Formulation: Diazepam 2 MG Oral Tablet
Rating: Statisfactory
Continuing Use: No
Duration: 1 Days
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Weight: 189 lb / 86 kg
mike_a - 07-01-2009

I was given 2 tablets of Valium in advance of having a wisdom tooth extracted by an oral surgeon. I had expressed anxiety about the procedure beforehand, so they suggested to take one the night before to help me get a good night's sleep, and one the morning of the procedure. Between the Valium and the nitrous oxide they used, I didn't worry a bit, and it was all over before I knew it.

Formulation: Diazepam 10 MG Oral Tablet
Rating: Poor
Continuing Use: No
Duration: 20 Years
Gender: Female
Age: 56
Weight: 123 lb / 56 kg
Lane - 07-01-2009

I was first prescribed Valium for pain and stress when I developed bursitis at age 19. My physician prescribed this medication before my actual diagnosis. I complained that I got no relief from my pain. I experienced some confusion and disorientation, but that was attributed to my bursitis and youth. I discontinued taking Valium at that time. Later in life, I was again prescribed Valium for pain and stress after an automobile accident in which a driver ran a red light and totaled my vehicle. I had multiple injuries and did not experience any relief from Valium. Again, I felt disoriented and in a haze, and so I stopped taking the medication. I did not experience any physical side-effects that other pain-relievers cause (headaches, nausea,etc.), but I did not feel that the Valium gave me any positive relief. I doubt that I will ever accept a prescription from a physician for Valium under any circumstances.

Formulation: Diazepam 2 MG Oral Tablet
Rating: Poor
Continuing Use: No
Duration: 1 Months
Gender: Male
Age: 58
Weight: 198 lb / 90 kg
JCG - 06-14-2009

I had been going through some stressful events in my life and was feeling anxiety and restlessness and a lack of focus. My doctor prescribed valium/diazepam and advised me to take it to help with the edginess I was feeling. Well, I began to take the pills and didn't really feel any better, but my wife noticed that I was acting a bit strange and odd, things that I don't remember. After about 3 weeks, I do remember sitting at the kitchen table with a box of Kleenex, and I began to take one out at a time and lay them on the table. My wife asked me what I was doing, and I gave her a nonsensical answer. It was at that point the she called the doctor, and he advised me to gradually stop taking the medication by cutting back the dose and number of times I was taking it. Eventually the strange feelings abated. He then put me on Paxil at night, which has been much better for my anxiety. I do not recommend diazepam.

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