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24 HR Metoprolol 100 MG Extended Release Tablet 24 HR Metoprolol 200 MG Extended Release Tablet
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Lopresor SR      
Formulation: 24 HR Metoprolol 50 MG Extended Release Tablet
Rating: Poor
Continuing Use: No
Duration: 6 Months
Gender: Male
Age: 55
Weight: 198 lb / 90 kg
Paul - 07-02-2009

My doctor put me on Toprol after I experienced a run of Ventricular Tachacardia (rapid heartbeat). Basically the drug slowed my heart down. My experience with the drug was very bad. My muscles hurt when I tried to do anything physical because my heart was not beating fast enough to supply oxygen for my muscles. I began to gain weight especially around my middle and my hair started to thin out. All of these were side effects of the drug. I stopped taking the drug because I could not tolerate the side effects.

Formulation: -
Rating: -
Continuing Use: -
Duration: -
Gender: -
Age: -
Weight: -
Turklet - 07-01-2009

I was put on Toprol 40 mg following a heart attack. I did not have high blood pressure, but beta blockers are appropriate anyway. The problem I had with this medication (at this dose) was I was exhausted all the time. It really knocked me out. When a nurse found out what I was taking and how much, she said no wonder I was so tired, and recommended that I talk to my doctor about a lower dose. He switched me to Atenolol 25 mg, and I felt better. I'm not sure why he switched brands as well as dose, but the atenolol is MUCH less expensive.

Formulation: 24 HR Metoprolol 100 MG Extended Release Tablet
Rating: Life Changing
Continuing Use: Yes
Duration: 7 Years
Gender: Female
Age: 51
Weight: 198 lb / 90 kg
Kathy - 06-14-2009

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure at an early age, but that wasn't my only problem. I also suffer from tachycardia; sometimes my heart rate was so high I couldn't even count it.

I went through quite a few different medications trying to find one that was right. Metoprolol not only regulates my blood pressure, but it controls the rapid heartbeat. As long as I take it at the same time every day, I don't have any problems at all. It really has changed my life.

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