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Aventyl HCl Notriptyline    
Formulation: Nortriptyline 25 MG Oral Capsule
Rating: Good
Continuing Use: Yes
Duration: 2 Months
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Weight: 158 lb / 72 kg
Ima - 07-01-2009

I had very severe migraines all throughout my pregnancy. After I had my baby I was referred to a Neurologist. She prescribed me Pamelor. This medication has really helped me a lot.At first I was having severe pain on a daily basis. After the first week taking the medicine.My migraines totally disappeared. And top of all that my mood was more better.
Unfortunately the downsides of is constipation.While taking this medication it is very important to drink lots of water and have a good source of fiber.I had to take stool softeners to help me out in the beginning. This is a very good medication that removed the problems with my migraines and helped my mood a little bit.

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