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Formulation: -
Rating: -
Continuing Use: -
Duration: 3 Years
Gender: Male
Age: 75
Weight: -
SRR - 06-19-2009

When my brother-in-law had to be placed in the dementia unit of an assisted care facility, we didn’t know how we were going to manage. We lived too far away to be there on a daily or even weekly basis. Fortunately he had a kind friend who spent countless hours playing memory games with him (When was your father’s birthday? What are your nieces’ names?) and went with him to the doctor.

One of the medications the doctor prescribed was Aricept. From the time he began taking it, we noticed little or no change in his condition. Perhaps his mind slowed down a bit, but we really didn’t see it, which to our way of thinking was a minor miracle. As near as we could tell, he suffered no side effects. Until he died three years later of an unrelated cause he remained relatively stable. The doctor was surprised and pleased at how slowly his condition was deteriorating, and informed us that if it weren’t for the Aricept (and the memory games) we would not have been so lucky.

I don’t know if this drug would be as effective for someone else. But when it works, it can be an absolute blessing.

Formulation: donepezil 10 MG Oral Tablet
Rating: Life Changing
Continuing Use: Yes
Duration: 5 Years
Gender: Female
Age: 54
Weight: 178 lb / 81 kg
criscris - 06-04-2009

My mother is unfortunately under my care due to Multiple Sclerosis and the harm it has done to her body. A few years ago she started forgetting who I was and who my sister was. She would ask me questions that she meant to ask my sister and not even know it was me. It was a very scary time for us, she was under the age of 50, and already losing her memory.
Shortly after this started happening, her doctor prescribed Aricept to her and after a few weeks of taking the medication, we have not had any memory problems. She does fantastic when we ask her about our childhood memories. This pill is given to her every single night and gives us the relief that she will remember us the next day. Thus far she had not had any side effects from this medication.

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