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Naproxen 250 MG Oral Tablet  
Formulation: Naproxen 250 MG Oral Tablet
Rating: Poor
Continuing Use: No
Duration: 2 Years
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Weight: 127 lb / 58 kg
Emma - 06-25-2009

I started taking Anaprox because I was having terrible menstrual cramping and needed something stronger than ibuprofen. I guess it did reduce the severity of the cramps, but I never really felt right - I would feel constipated and feel like I had to pee all the time, and I still had some cramping. I looked up the side effects of the medication, and guess what? Constipation and stomach upset.
Suffice to say, I didn't feel like it was worth it if the medicine I was taking was giving me side effects that were basically what I was trying to get rid of. I quit taking it and resumed ibuprofen until I started birth control, which has worked much, much better to control my cramps.

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